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Vivek Alumni Association (VAA)

Vivek Alumni Association (VAA) is the nodal organization of the alumni of Vivek Education Society, having a very rich heritage of over 5 decades since its inception in 1962. The Vivek Alumni Association is a Charitable Organization and is represented by passionate & dedicated individuals of the School & College Alumni.

The activities of the Vivek Alumni Association center on our key objectives, which is to act as an enabler to enhance the imparting of education & life skills to the current batch of students. Efforts are in progress to fulfill this ambition by contributing in fund raising for VAA. We also intend to act as a catalyst in exposing the students to variety of activities, professionals & forums, inspiring them to achieve Success ! We also maintain a strong network amongst our alumni through various events and programs throughout the academic year. On behalf of the Alumni I request each one of you to kindly register yourself as a member & contribute to this passionate endeavor!


Dr.Suresh Nair - President

Mr. Arvind Nair - Secretary

Dr. Anjali Pathak - College Member

Prof. Manisha Naik - College Member

Prof. Jayesh Vaidya - College Member

Dr. Malathi Iyer - College Member

Prof. Thanga Durai - College Member