Vivek Education Society’s

Vivek College Of Commerce

General Rules

  • Attendance Requirements


    As per University Circular No. UG/01 of 2014 ordinance 6086.

    Every bonafide learner shall ordinarily be allowed to keep terms for the given semester in a program of his enrolment, only if he fulfills at least seventy five percent (75%) of the attendance taken as an average of the total number of lectures, practical’s, tutorials etc. Wherein short and/or long excursions/ field visits/study tours organized by the college and supervised by the teachers as envisaged in the syllabus shall be credited to his attendance for the total no of periods which are otherwise delivered on the material day's.

    Further it is mandatory for every learner to have min 50% attendance for each course & average attendance has to be 75%.

    The same ratio shall be applied for computing the attendance of the learners by crediting the number of periods which are missed while participating in an extracurricular / co-curricular activity / competition / camp / workshop / convention / symposium / seminar etc. where the said learner is officially representing the college/ University/ District/ State/ Country with the permission of the Principal /Director/ Head of the College/ Institute/ University Department or by the direction of the University Officer as the case may be wherein for the purpose of computing the average attendance the periods missed for what is envisaged here-in-above, shall be deemed to have been attended by the said learner.

    Without prejudice to what is stated here-in-above, the Principal/Director/Head of the concerned College/Institute/Department of the University shall be the competent authority to condone the absentee of any learner further up to additional 25%, if deemed fit and recommendation of the attendance committee of the said college/Institute/Department of the University, wherein it is mandatory on the said committee to do natural justice by giving personal hearing to every learner falling short of minimum attendance for keeping terms and recommending case by case to ,the competent authority having verified the genuineness and gravity of the problem that justifies the learner to remain absent, which generally shall be limited to his own sickness, sickness of his parent, death of his parent etc. supported by valid evidence, documentary or otherwise.

    Performance Criterion 0.125

    "To keep a term an undergraduate must complete to the satisfaction of the Principal, the course of study at the college prescribed for each term for the class to which such Learner belongs."Learners and parents are required to note that Learners who fail to satisfy the above mentioned criterion will not be allowed to appear for the term-end and/or annual examination, conducted by the college on behalf of the University or by University of Mumbai.

  • Discipline Rules


    College Rules & Regulations:

    1. Every Learner shall obtain, on admission, his identity card. The Learners shall always carry the I-Card with his / her photograph affixed thereon and attested, and shall present for inspection whenever demanded. No Learner will be allowed to attend the classes, tutorials, practical’s etc. unless he / she have the attested identity Card with him / her. The I-Card should be worn on his / her person throughout their presence in the college.
    2. Learners shall attend lectures, tutorials and practicals according to the Time Table on all working days of the College. Learners shall not remain absent during lectures, tutorials, practical’s and examination without prior permission of the Principal. Absence without prior permission may lead to loss of term.
    3. In case, the Learner remains absent even for a lecture, the Learner is required to submit a leave note duly signed by the parent/ guardian and report the same to the Class In charge, immediately after resuming college.
    4. Learners are required to attend lectures / tutorials / practical only in the classroom allotted to them
    5. Conduct of Learners in the classes as well as on the premises and in the vicinity of the college shall be such that will cause no disturbance to the fellow Learners or to the other classes.
    6. Learners shall not loiter in the corridors and disturb the classes.
    7. Smoking and consumption of alcoholic drinks / tobacco / drugs are strictly prohibited in the college premises.
    8. Learners shall do nothing either inside or outside the College that will in any way interfere with its orderly administration and discipline.
    9. No society or association shall be formed in the College and no person will be invited to address a meeting without the Principal's prior permission.
    10. No Learner shall collect any money as contribution for picnic, trip or educational visit to some places, get-together, study - notes, charity or any other activity without the sanction of the Principal.
    11. The college does not arrange or organize picnics or pleasure trips.
    12. In College debates and other meeting, the chair shall be taken by a responsible person approved by the Principal and the subject of the debate shall have prior approvals of the Principal.
    13. Any and every communication/information to the outside agencies about the college matters should be routed with the permission of Principal.
    14. Learners are expected to take proper care of the college property and to help in keeping the college premises neat and tidy. Damage to the property of the College, e.g. disfiguring walls, doors, fitting and breaking furniture etc. is a breach of discipline and will be duly punished and can lead to rustication of the Learners.
    15. The Learners should not leave their books, valuable and other belonging in their Class-room / Gymkhana room / Ladies common room etc. whenever they move away from their rooms. The College is not responsible for property lost.
    16. If, for any reason the continuance of a Learner in the college is detrimental in the interest of the College, the Principal may ask such as Learner to leave the college without giving the reason for the decision and Principal's decision shall be final.
    17. Learners joining the college are expected to accept and observe all the rules and regulations of the college and to submit to the normal enforcement of the same to the satisfaction of the Principal whose decision in this regard shall be final.
    18. Learners should not contact any Government or Non-Government Agencies, directly. Such matters, if any, should be routed through the Principal.
    19. Uses Of Mobiles In The College Premises Is Strictly Not Allowed. If caught, the mobile phones will be confiscated and shall be returned at the end of the academic year or monitory fine will be imposed.
    20. Learners Are Required To Dress Decently.
    21. Learners Are Required To Be Inside The Classrooms 10 Minutes Prior To The Lecture Time.
    22. Learners are warned that if they are caught harassing freshers, physically or mentally, strict action will be taken against them.
    23. Matters not covered by the existing rules shall rest at absolute discretion of the Principal.

  • Documents to be Produced


    Each Learner must fill up and upload the pre-enrolment registration form on University website. Separate from must be uploaded for each program applied for.

    A. Mandatory Documents: (For FY class)
    1. Learners copy of University pre-enrolment registration form for the program applied.
    2. Original mark sheet of standard 12th exam along with two attested photocopies of the same.
    3. Two attested photocopies of standard 10th mark sheet.
    4. Original School leaving certificate along with two attested photocopies of the same.
    5. Proof of Permanent Residence
      1. Electricity Bill
      2. Driving License
      3. Current Leave & License Agreement
    6. Passport size Photograph.
    7. Aadhar Card Copy is to be attached.
    B. Wherever applicable (Document issued by competent authority)
    1. Income declaration (for Learners belonging to economically backward class)
    2. Income Certificate from Tahsildar (for Learners belonging to Reserved category)
    3. Minority Community declaration (for Learners belonging to Minority category)
    4. Caste Certificate issued by Govt. of Maharashtra (for Learners belonging to Reserved category)
    5. Physical disability
    6. Learning disability
    7. Provisional Eligibility (For Learners belonging to boards other than Maharashtra State Board)
    C. Mandatory Documents: (For SY and TY Class)
    1. Original mark sheet of earlier exam along with two attested photocopies of the same. For S.Y.B Com Admission F.Y.B.Com. Sem I &II-mark sheet and For T.Y.B.Com. Admission F.Y.B.Com. Sem I & II and S.Y.B.Com.Sem III & IV mark sheets. F.Y.B.Com. and S.Y.B.Com. Learners passing with multiple attempts are required to attach mark sheets of the last attempts.
    2. Address proof, if there is a change in address from that given at the time of F Y B Com. admission.
      1. Electricity Bill
      2. Driving License
      3. Current Leave & License Agreement
    3. Aadhar Card Copy is to be attached
    D. Wherever applicable (Document issued by competent authority)
    1. Income declaration (for Learners belonging to economically backward class)
    2. Income Certificate from Tahsildar (for Learners belonging to reserved category)
    3. Minority Community declarations (for Learners belonging to minority category
    4. Caste Certificate issued by Govt. of Maharashtra (for Learners belonging to reserved category)
    5. Physical disabilities
    6. Learning disability
    7. Provisional Eligibility (For Learners belonging to other Universities)
    8. Original college leaving certificate along with two attested photocopies of the same (For Learners applying from other colleges)
    E. Mandatory Documents for M.Sc. (I.T.) / M.Com. (1st Year)
    1. Original Mark sheet of T.Y. along with 2 attested photocopies of the same.
    2. Proof of permanent residence
    3. Passport size Photograph