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Vivek College Road, Goregaon West, Mumbai-400 104

Affiliated to University of Mumbai, Recognized by U.G.C. under section 12(B) & 2(F) of the U.G.C.Act.



Our institution asset

Vivek Alumni Association (VAA)

Vivek Alumni Association (VAA) is the nodal organization of the alumni of Vivek Education Society, having a very rich heritage of over 5 decades since its inception in 1962. The Vivek Alumni Association is a Charitable Organization and is represented by passionate & dedicated individuals of the School & College Alumni.

The activities of the Vivek Alumni Association center on our key objectives, which is to act as an enabler to enhance the imparting of education & life skills to the current batch of students. Efforts are in progress to fulfill this ambition by contributing in fund raising for VAA. We also intend to act as a catalyst in exposing the students to variety of activities, professionals & forums, inspiring them to achieve Success ! We also maintain a strong network amongst our alumni through various events and programs throughout the academic year. On behalf of the Alumni I request each one of you to kindly register yourself as a member & contribute to this passionate endeavor!

Office bearers

Dr. Suresh Nair - President

Jayashree Unni - Vice President

Arvind Nair - Secretary

Shishir Shetty - Jt. Secretary

Krishnakumar Naidu - Treasurer

Bindu Varma - Jt. Treasurer

Lata Venkat - Member

Narayan Iyer - Member

Venkatraman Balan - Member

Sivasubramanian Acharya - Member

Laxmi Sundaram - Member

Anita Nair - Member

NNilofer Sheikh - Member

Vijay Shetty - Member

College Members

Prof. Manisha Naik

Prof. CA Jayesh Vaidya

Dr. Malathi Iyer

Dr. Thanga Durai

Prof. Anupama Bali


Alumni Activities

Golden Lecture Series

VAA arranges for industry experts and though leaders to interact with the school and college students in order to motivate them to perform well.

VAA Science Club

VAA sponsored the visit of 50 students to Nehru Science Centre and also enabled selected students to participate in Inter-school Science Exhibition.

  • VAA instituted for Degree College Best Boy &Best Girl in appreciation of his/her contribution and participation in co-curricular activities.
  • Felicitation of Retired staff both Teaching and Non-Teaching from K.G to P.G during the Annual day function.
  • Full year supply of white board marker pens and dusters are sponsored by VAA to School and Junior College.
  • College has initiated to felicitate every year prominent Vivian Alumni for their notable contribution towards society.
  • VAA takes initiatives and provides financial aid support to the needy Alumni members.