Vivek Education Society's

Vivek College Road, Goregaon West, Mumbai-400 104

Affiliated to University of Mumbai, Recognized by U.G.C. under section 12(B) & 2(F) of the U.G.C.Act.



My years at 'Vivek' have been the most meaningful, memorable and monumental. The Management & Faculty at Vivek are singularly responsible for the profound transformation of my life from that of slow grass eating caterpillar to a ravishing nectar relishing butterfly. 

The focus on building a alll rounded personality much beyond academics enabled me to walk with my head held high, straight into the Offices of the President and Prime Minister of India and engage in several consultative meetings with influential organisations across the globe.

 As a young naive student, I walked into 'Vivek College' with little exposure to the world outside. My life was akin to that of a bumblebee which was not 'designed' to fly. My college taught me to think beyond my limitations and focus on my strengths.

 Vivek College gave me my wings to fly!

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  • Dr Karthick Sridhar
  • Vice Chairman Indian Centre for Academic Rankings & Excellence Pvt Ltd ICAR